Monday, October 15, 2012

Marushin UZI (AEG)

This is the Marushin UZI Automatic Electric Gun. It is the full metal frame version. This is already considered an old AEG in today’s standard, in fact you can already called this a vintage toy.

The box is nicely presented and color coordinated in blue and yellow.

 In the box, the gun sits primly on its molded styropor packing, complete with loader, battery, charger (which I already lost) and one standard magazine.

The left side view. There is a sling attachment at the base of the handguard.

The right side view. You can notice here the scratches on the metal folding stock, which happens every time you extend the stock.

View with the stock fully extended.

 View with the stock fully extended and the magazine inserted.

Removing the top of the frame you see immediately the old school gearbox, or the lack of it. There is no gearbox in the gun, the gears, piston, cylinder, etc are all built into the frame of the gun,, which makes this one a classic.

 Here is the battery that comes with the package. It is a NiCad 8.4V battery with 500mah capacity.

Here is how the battery goes into the frame of the gun. I was amazed at the good ROF of the gun even with the battery that comes with it. Watch my video.

 The selector switch is shown here, D – full auto, E – semi auto, and S – for safety (which is the German version. Israel version is ARS)
セレクタースイッチがここに示されているが、D - フルオート、E - 半自動、および S - 安全のためには、(。どれがドイツ語版であるイスラエルのバージョンは、ARSです)

Showing the laser engraved markings, which is very beautifully done.

Just one more photo, this is the real UZI submachinegun.

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