Sunday, June 24, 2012

Luminox 8813 - Navy Seals Anniversary Edition

This watch was from the Luminox 8800 series, and Olive Drab version is the Limited Navy Seals Anniversary Edition. On how limited it is, I have no idea since there a lot of sellers who are still selling at the time of posting this.

The hard box, looks like carbon fiber design on the top.

The watch sits inside fully padded leather covered foams with black and red motif.

The Olive Drab faceplate goes well with multicam gears. This one will definitely be my game watch from now on.

The back plate is also made of carbon with proper laser marked brand logos and trademarks.

Since the watch is mostly made of Carbon, I was surprised when I first held it in my hands which only weighs 55 grams. Compared to my Oakley crankcase which is very heavy metal, this lightweight watch is definitely geared towards my airsoft lifestyle. With all the airsoft gears that I put on, this lightweight watch is a great addition.

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